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This album was recorded in January of 2015 by Unfurl.
Thank you Lydia for additional vocals on Linger.
Download includes bonus track "Fire Walk With Me"


released April 8, 2016

Nico, Dale, Josef



all rights reserved


Unfurl Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Introspective Post-hardcore funneled through a black hole

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Track Name: Orogenesis
Sun starved and blood-shot eyes lift their lids.
Could have. Should have.
Now there’s nothing left to give.

Lost the key to this amnesia.
Shackled to your nostalgia.
You were the anchor towing me under.
Withdrawing from the lack of this repetition.

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted."

Baptized in tar according to tradition.
Draped in feathers to hide your condition.
Moving mountains never climb them.

The solipsist travels north on the road to perdition.
Guided by misplaced intuition.

Dutiful the candle burns at both ends.
The flame inches ever closer towards oblivion.
Licking old wounds to pass the time.
Picking scabs like dandelions
Track Name: Oleander
These days run away
like wild horses over the hills.
I’ve been circling the drain
while standing still.
Sharpen your steel
we have a lifetime to kill.
Assemble your armies
there’s always time to kill.

You never cease to amaze me
with the ways you change shape.
Effortlessly twisting
shamelessly contorting
triumphantly courting tragedy.
Redefining futility.

Too busy breaking down
to be bothered with creation.
Too busy searching for signs
you missed every indication.
Too tired to sleep
so we trace patient constellations.

From our backs
in a field of tall grass.
Forget familiar trails
cut down a new path.
No vision no mission.
Complacent in black.

These days run away
like wild horses over the hills.

Trembling fingers pull at the petals
of what if and if only.
Holding hands with the abyss
to catch a glimpse of what she could show me.
Track Name: Linger
Leave the past behind.
It is only a mass grave.
In your mind.

The only thing keeping you here
is this gripping fear of letting go.

Throw off your robes.
Dig up my bones.
Flames swallowed our home.
Forever fell and you didn’t lift a finger.
So why would you linger any longer?
Track Name: Ataraxia
Every gesture subverted.
Swept under some vulgar excuse for a veil.
Is this what I want? Is this what I need?
I can’t even tell the difference anymore.

How do you want to live?
We are all failures.
Creatures of comfort.
No legacy. no future.
We are all failures.

Only time will tell
if this was poison
or the cure.

All goes onward and outward.
Refusing to be contained
in the space between breaths.

Leave this form behind.
Allow yourself to be colossal.
This condition is universal.

Set fire to your life
seek those who fan the flames.
Like the ashes in my wine
I matter less over time.

I deserve nothing.
Track Name: Panacea
A falling knife has no handle
Relinquish this illusory struggle

Stay awake for days
Haunted by the ways
I fucked up

Toss and turn
Through the night
Because it could have or it might

Foreign tongues
Whisper a familiar name
The cure for the pain is in the pain

Searching for something Heavensent
Amongst the scars that mark
The road to perdition

Starless skies offer
No direction

As you fumble wayward needles
To begin the process of being woven again
Track Name: Mors Aeternum
Standing at the crossroads
of corpus callosum.

Standing en pointe
before the moment of non-existence.
Swan dive into nothingness.
Backstroke across emptiness.

Dissolve the distance between
what I am and what will be
a spirit set free
from its prison.

Swallow swords of justice
which once outlined
the diagram for salvation
on your skin.

Each heaving breath becomes
a hammer falling out of desperation
to polish your crystal ball.
To repair your reflection.